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Our company developed the Survive Hostile Intruders Evade Lockdown Defend (S.H.I.E.L.D.) program through our combined 30 years in law enforcement as law enforcement and community outreach trainers on this topic. We adapt best practices from the tactical, medical, and disaster management fields to create the most comprehensive active killing training program on the market.


Our program assists with proper planning to address these situations and to setup proven systems to communicate and document the plan to your community.

This system shows what to look for in an active killer and we provide methods to help prevent future events like this in your community.


We show you when is the best time to RUN, HIDE, or FIGHT. We focus on tactical and historical data to prepare you for a wide variety of scenarios. We even cover combat first aid to participants.


Our administrative support system helps your organization to be in the best position possible to recover from these events through training, planning and preparation.



For every 10 participants, we provide an active killing response kit that includes tools for securing a room and a trauma kit tailored for bleeding control.

Change the culture

Active killing preys on soft targets. Our program trains you to respond and react to combat an active killer by interrupting their plan.  Terrorist attacks on aircraft disappeared after 9/11 when passengers began to resist. We can detour active killers the same way by taking away their power to kill indiscriminately

why is this training important?

Lawsuits being filed against businesses, schools and universities are on the rise, claiming that employers and schools have a responsibility to train their employees for such situations. Protect life and your company or school’s image by training your staff and developing sound polices to respond, react and recover from a devastating active killing event.