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Need a firearms permit for security work? We can get you trained in 7 days or less. No waiting weeks for the next class. We instruct small groups of 1 to 4 students. This provides the highest quality instruction possible that builds your confidence, knowledge and skills applicable to the security industry. All of our instructors are active or retired law enforcement officers with years of firearms instruction experience. Our classes are low stress and ensure you understand the material.


This training is for first time permit applicants or those who have an expired permit. This is a 14 hour course divided between two days.

  • $300/student (Private Instruction)

  • $250/student for (2) Students

  • $200/student for (3) Students

  • $175/student for (4) Students


This training is designed for those renewing an already valid firearms permit. This is a 4 hour class.

  • $150/student (Private Instruction)

  • $125/student for (2) Students

  • $100/student for (3) Students

  • $75/student for (4) Students

This is simply a qualification which is required 4 times in a two year period for those keeping their firearm permit within compliance.

  • $60/student 

  • $10/additional caliber


Package Includes

  • Firearm Rental

  • Application Forms

  • Range Fees

  • Study Material

  • Test

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Unlimited Calibers (Initial Training Only)

  • 8 Hours of Classroom Instruction (Day 1)

  • 6 Hours of Range Time (Day 2)

Required Equipment and Materials

You will not be permitted if you do not provide the following items:

  • Valid BSIS guard card, or PPO License, PPO QM, PI License, PI QM, Alarm Response License

  • Identification (California Drivers License, Military ID, or Passport)

  • Proof of residency (this applies to everyone. Acceptable evidence described in next paragraph)

  • 100 rounds of ammunition for every weapon you wish to qualify

  • Inner belt

  • Gun belt

  • Belt keepers

  • Holster designed for every weapon you wish to qualify

  • Magazine pouch attached to gun belt

  • 3 magazines for each weapon (if not rental gun)

  • Close toed shoes


  • Alien Registration Receipt Card [green card] (INS Form I-151 or AR-3a; issued by INS prior to June 1978) -- This card must contain a photograph of the bearer.

  • Permanent Resident Card [green card] (INS Form I-551, revised edition of INS Form I-151) -- This card must contain a photograph of the bearer.

  • Certificate of Naturalization (INS Form N-550 or N-570) -- This certificate must contain a photograph of the bearer with a dry seal over the photograph.

  • United States Citizen Identification Card (INS Form I-197) -- INS no longer issues these cards, however, once issued, they do not expire. Card must contain photo & physical description.

  • Identification Card for use of Resident Citizen in the United States (INS Form I-179) -- INS stopped issuing this card in 1977; however, once issued, they do not expire.  Card must contain photograph.

  • Certificate of United States Citizenship (INS Form N-560 or N-561)

  • Certificate of Birth abroad issued by the Department of State (Form FS-545 or form DS-1350)

  • Native American Tribal documents

  • United States Military ID card or DD214, Geneva Convention Identification card for Active Military Person

  • Report of Separation [military discharge] (Form DD-214)

  • Birth Certificate showing birth in the United States, American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Swains Island, or United States Virgin Islands

  • United States Passport Book (unexpired) or United States Passport Card (unexpired)

  • Permit to Re-enter the United States (INS Form I-327)

  • Refugee or parolee documents only if accompanied by INS Form I-151, AR-3a, or I­-551

  • Temporary Resident Card (INS Form I-688) ONLY IF the reverse side of the card displays a sticker that bears the seal of the U.S. Department of Justice issued by INS evidencing temporary proof of citizenship or permanent residence.


Felons, Prohibited Misdemeanors, and Domestic Violence Prohibitions

Firearm permits are not issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) to a person who has been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor that prohibits the person from carrying or possessing a firearm.


Specifically, the Bureau SHALL NOT issue a firearm permit to: A convicted felon (Business and Professions Code Section 7583.23(d); Penal Code Sections 12021 and 12021.1); to a person convicted of a misdemeanor who is prohibited from possession of a firearm for a period of 10 years (Penal Code Section 12021(c)(1)); nor to an individual with a history of domestic violence or who is subject to a Temporary Restraining Order (a TRO) - (Penal Code Section 12028.5)


Students may also be denied a firearm permit if they have been convicted of a crime of violence, such as assault, battery, assault with a deadly weapon, or a weapons violations, such as brandishing a weapon, illegal possession of and/or discharge of a weapon or carrying a concealed weapon without a concealed weapon permit.

personal firearms training

We provide basic, no stress instruction to first time shooters that includes:

  • Weapon Rental

  • Ammunition (100 Rounds)

  • Range Time

  • Weapon Maintenance

  • Weapon Function

  • Weapon Terminology

  • Weapon Safety

  • Drawing/Holstering

  • Sight Picture

  • Weapon Malfunctions

  • Magazine Changes

  • Stationary Target Shooting

  • Assist in Selecting a Weapon for Purchase

  • Ammunition Selection

  • Certificate of Completion


One-on-One Instruction (4 Hour Class)


2 Student Class


3 Student Class


4 Student Class


Our Intermediate training program includes the following:

  • Weapon Rental

  • Ammunition (200 Rounds)

  • Range Fees

  • Basic Skills Overview

  • Weapon Malfunctions

  • Magazine Changes

  • Proper Use of Cover

  • Shoot and Move

  • One Handed Shooting

  • One Handed Reloads

  • Combat Shooting

  • Standing, Kneeling, Prone Shooting

  • Tactical Shoots

  • Certificate of Completion


One-on-One Instruction (4 Hour Class)


2 Student Class


3 Student Class


4 Student Class